I’m the Armchair Archaeologist (AA) and I have a confession to make, “Hi. My name is Sam (I am) and I’m addicted to Biblical archaeology!”  Okay, I said it. Everyone knows about my problem now. Whew! I feel better. I used to be a closet-archaeologist but I’ve faced my demons and have decided to let the whole world know that I love archaeology, Biblical archaeology to be more precise.

This web site is kinda like my own ’12-Step program’. It’s my way of getting things off my chest, disclosing secrets and unfulfilled wishes, and – well – my own support group. That’s where YOU come in.

I need a support group. I need to hang out with people who have a similar problem.

Okay, let’s get a couple things out on the table right away. The contributor(s) for this site are NOT professional archaeologists and they don’t play one on TV. We admire professional archaeologists, who spend 90% of their time in the library, but this site is intended for armchair archaeologists and enthusiast wanna-be’s. We apologize ahead of time to the pros who will not be happy with the way armchair archaeologists sometimes water down the serious and comfiscate the obvious. Be kind to us scholars. Remember, we buy and even read your books.

What do we mean by armchair archaeologists?
Well, good question. Picture someone sitting in their favorite Lazyboy chair, killing a few hours in the evening reading a copy of Biblical Archaeology Review, wading through the latest copy of National Geographic or Smithsonian Magazine, or possibly even surfing their lap top for the latest news about the authenticity of the James Ossuary. That’s who I have in mind.

What period, theme or subject-focus does the Armchair Archaeologist blog focus on?
AA is focused on archaeology and historical-cultural information that sheds light on what we call Biblical backgrounds, Old and New Testament. This means we particulary find ourselves digging in strata from 7,000 B.C.E. to 200 C.E.

Grab a shovel and come join us. At times we will be kicking up dust in Iraq, hop over to Iran, catch a bus to Syria, layover in Jordan, find a kibbutz in Israel, join a camel caravan through Egypt, and then catch a small Piper flight to Turkey and wander around in ancient Asia Minor for a few weeks.

No matter where we’re camping out, our passion is the same regardless where we watch the stars at night – how does archaeology add to our love for understanding the Old and New Testament better in it’s original setting and – watch this – sitz in leben?

Who is the Armchair Archaeologist?

Well, I’m Sam, like I said above. And I’m the Armchair Archaeologist because I like the name and I thought of it before you did.

I have loved archaeology ever since I can remember watching specials on TV about Dr. Louis Leakey, which means I’m in my 40’s now.

I hold two master’s degrees, and one gave me lot’s of exposure to Biblical backgrounds and archaeology. The other kept me in the library all the time. My undergraduate training was in the classic liberal arts tradition (lot’s of course-work in philosophy, history, art, and communications).
I approach this whole thing about Biblical archaeology with a little light-heartedness. I’m more of a literalist than a minimalist. I don’t need to prove the Bible is true and trustworthy by pointing to archaeological evidence. Not that I’m afraid to put the Biblical story to the test, so-to-speak.

If you want to email me . . . .

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