The Armchair Archaeologist reviews a variety of resources related to Biblical history and archaeology: books, multimedia, film, slide sets, exhibits, software, Bibles, web sites, commentaries, art work, etc.

To see our complete list of resources we have reviewed so far, click here.

We use an award system based on – what else – the pith helmet.

One helmet means the resource is not worth buying and/or even bothering with.

Two helmets means the resource has limited value, lacks quality and excellence, and would not recommend buying or spending much time using.
Three helmets means the resource is recommended if one collects in “that specific area”. Not recommended for purchase generally though.

Four helmets means the resource is strongly recommended for everyone; is of high quality and will enhance the average person’s knowledge and appreciation for Biblical archaeology. If possible, purchase the resource (if for sale).
Five helmets means this resource is a “must addition” for the collection of the enthusiast or student of Biblical archaeology. By all means, add the resource to your collection.


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