NIV Archaeological Study Bible

Review of the NIV Archaeological Study Bible – part two.

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As long as you don’t mind the NIV translation the NIV Archaeological Study Bible is definitely the best Bible-resource for the avid enthusiast of Bible archaeology. It is published by Zondervan. Having been a long-time user of the NIV, for over 15 years, I think I will return to the NIV Archaeological Study Bible as my Bible-of-daily-use because of the archaeological benefits of this superb resource. The web site offers a FREE sampler in pdf format.
Features one notices in the first 30 minutes or so include . . . .
1. It’s a single column text with single coumn reference notes, which I like much more than double column formats.

2. There are tons of high-quality color pictures throughout the Bible. It almost seems like there is one on every page but there are officially some 500 color photographs.

3. There are a variety of articles, giving the reader a solid general exposure to many topics in Biblical archaeology. There are five major categories of articles:

  • Archaeological Sites
  • Cultural and Historical Notes
  • Ancient Peoples and Lands
  • The Reliability of the Bible
  • Ancient Texts and Artifacts

4. There are over 8,000 bottom-of-page study notes. Not as comprehensive as the excellent NIV Study Bible Notes, but quite useful for this particular Bible.
This review will be continued soon…..

The Armchair Archaeologist gives the Zondervan Archaeological Study Bible four helmets.
Four helmets