One of the finest exhibits displaying fragments and/or complete texts on the Bible is the ‘Ink and Blood‘ exhibit, now touring the United States.

Their web site states:

Authentic Dead Sea Scroll fragments are just one part of an extraordinary display of rare ancient Biblical manuscripts and historic Bibles traveling the country. This once-in-a-lifetime exhibit, known officially as Ink & Blood: Sacred Treasures of the Bible, contains fragments from the Dead Sea Scrolls, including portions of Genesis and Isaiah, and numerous Bibles including a medieval manuscript Wyclif Bible from the 15th Century, the first translation of the Holy Book into English.

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1536 Tyndale New Testament

1536 Tyndale English NewTestament

The Armchair Archaeologist attended the Ink and Blood Exhibit in Lexington, KY.

It gets a 4 1/2 helmet rating.

4 and a half helmets